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Welcome to the Ryde - Hunter's Hill Flora and Fauna Preservation Society.

The Society has been active in local conservation issues since 1966 and is well networked with the broader conservation movement across NSW.

The Society's Constitution states its Aims and Objectives as:

a. The education of the members and the community, particularly in the local area, in nature conservation and protection of the environment;

b. To promote ecologically sustainable land use and development;

c. To promote nature conservation including an adequate system of national parks, wilderness areas, nature reserves, wildlife refuges and corridors and urban bushland reserves; adequate protection measures for native wildlife;

d. Achieving satisfactory measures to safeguard the environment from all forms of pollution to ensure clean air, clean water and a healthy environment;

e. To work for the permanent retention and conservation of all natural areas in the local district and an increase in the area set aside for nature conservation and

f. To undertake the management of the Field of Mars Reserve with Ryde City Council as a major conservation project

We have a regular newsletter Wallumetta which is issued six times a year which attempts to update members on both local environmental issues and issues of wider impact. Our volunteer members keep the Visitors Centre open each weekend. Please contact us if you have concerns about threats to our local natural areas and the precious native fauna which depend on our sensitive bushland areas and waterways.

Field of Mars in the rain

A recent photo of the Field of Mars in the rain

What's On

50th Anniversary Reunion

WHEN: Saturday 6 February from 4 until 6pm.

WHERE: Field of Mars Visitor Centre, Pittwater Rd. Entrance opposite Buffalo Reserve, Hunters Hill.

Fifty years of active conservation work by our organisation represents a lot of history and we would be remiss if it’s not acknowledged.
So a reunion for all members - past and present - is being planned for Saturday 6 February from 4 until 6pm.
This will be held at the Visitor Centre, with the Environmental Education Centre also open for a short visit. The reunion will be an opportunity for a relaxed get together – complete with the traditional sausage sizzle of course!
The Society was formed at a time of increasing awareness of the necessity to defend the environment from the standard onslaughts of the day.
1966 also marks the arrival of the Australian Conservation Foundation as a national home-grown environmental advocate. Many locally-based community activist groups also formed at this time to bravely, and often successfully, confront various unacceptable threats - such as the Battlers for Kelly’s Bush a few years later.
Please let any former members know about the reunion.
Contact Phillip 0417 439 456 for further information.